Datos técnicos

MEDIO MUNDO Arquitectos. Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.
Bench in the stair
Faculty of Health’s Science
Furniture and equipment

With the intention to generate transition spaces which encourage the relationship between the users, illuminate and naturally ventilate the building, and relax and resting areas, some “meeting points” have been added around the circulation stairs.

The idea was to create a meeting space where the shape can fit the function and the ergonomics. This element materializes through the extension of the surfaces whose the vertical circulation spaces are made of.

In spite of using standard and prefabricated elements to grant the meeting area function, it has been decided to value the local arts and crafts, realizing on site an element that supplies this function, realized in black steel cold rolled sheets.

The idea of involving local actors and techniques introduces, from the construction process, a cultural and hereditary dimension which goes beyond the mere technical sense of the building. This can be shown with the aim to humanize the “production process”, diminishing the effects of a totally industrialized system that does not need the human intervention, and choosing systems which prefer the technique instead of technology. This underlines the silent presence of craftsmen whose accurate job gives personality and uniqueness to the building and its spaces.