Technical Data

MEDIO MUNDO Arquitectos. Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.
Bench ZERO
Faculty of Health’s Science
Furnitures and equipments

The attention and care of exterior spaces has been a constant in the design and construction process of the Faculty of Health’s Science. The design of the garden roof, placed in the 3rd floor, aims to give bioclimatic property to the building, regulate the exterior temperature, and generate a meeting and resting space too. It has been designed selecting local species, medicinal plants and aromatic herbs.

This research meant to design some contemplation and recreation elements in the terrace, to favor the interaction between the users. These elements have shapes and material appropriate for the rest of the building and that can, at the same time, contribute to the integration of the structure in the landscape.

The elements, called “bench zero”, have been realized with white concrete, whose design and creation pursue the valorization of handcraft job of the actors involved in the construction process.