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MEDIOMUNDOArquitectos Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

Masterplan and urban design Health Sciences Campus
Health Sciences Campus
3rd Prize
University Campus
140,000 m2
Univertity of Granada
Elite Ing. TEDECOIng.
F. Orizia, M. López de Asiaín, P. Pérez, O. Navarro, S. Morales, M. Chacoff, A. Cuarado

     In 2007 the University of Granada launched an architectural competition to design a their new Health Sciences Campus in Granada. The brief was to design the campus for four caculties and a general campus services building (containing a library, auditorium and dining hall). MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos was awarded third prize for their proposal. The prize was the commission to design the Health Sciences Faculty in Granada, one component of the project.

     At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we saw the planning of the new Health Sciences Campus in Granada as an opportunity to create a new relationship between the city and local, territorial and metropolitan dynamics. We saw the location of the project as a way to secure the campus as a new focal point for health services and investigation in the region as well as new relationships within the metropolitan and local urban reality. We believed it fundamental to understand the intervention as a connection between both local and metropolitan behaviour and landscape.

     Our proposal focuses on the structure of the public space inspired by territorial, rural and urban elements. At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we have developed the concept of the Matriz Vegetal, a tool for urban landscaping that adapts different types of vegetation and green environments to the scale required. This concept allowed us to design a series of public, collective and private spaces to sustain the different activities and relationships that take place within a campus of this nature. In our proposal the built areas are the result of a negotiation and interrelation with the green spaces surrounding them. We took into account the potential impact a project of this nature would have on the local economy and cultural uses of the land, as well as calculating the resulting energy consumption and attempting to ensure diversity in the area.

     At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we recognize the need to incorporate the concept of the intelligent city into our work in order to generate new ways to construct urbanity and citizenship. In defining this concept we paraphrase the sociologist José Antonio Marina’s definition of intelligence: “the creation of meeting points that stimulate, increase and integrate the values of the city and both individual and collective citizenship”.