Technical Data

MEDIO MUNDO Arquitectos. Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

New School
New Classroom building and Dining Room for the Robert Boehringer Albertville-Realschule School.
Winnenden, Germany
town of Winnenden & Albertville-Realschule Winnenden
Claudia Cerrelli, Jörg Lothar

      The new two-floor building is made up of three parallelepipeds set on a parcially transparent ground floor. The visual connection between the new open spaces and the public green spaces behind the school is assured by a big hall, the principal access to the building.
The facade, thought in natural wood, combines itself perfectly with the existing landscape.

      One of the main ideas of the concept is to create a compact building, allocating the required program in two floors and permitting to have an higher quantity of open spaces in the ground floor.

      The second floor, which hosts the three learning houses (one each two years), is thought as a space which is well-defined and flexible at the same time and that permits open air activities thanks to the creation of a patio for each learning house.

      The ground floor is dedicated to the common areas, the specialized classrooms (music, physics, chemistry, etc.) and the administation area. In the southern part of the plot is set the restaurant, that is at the service of the entire school complex and that will be realized in two phases. With its transparent courtain wall and its skylights, the restaurant appears as an enlighted, cozy space.