Technical Data

MEDIOMUNDOArquitectos Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

Urban Design and Council Flats
19,500 m2
Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Sevilla (EMVISESA – Seville Municipal Social Housing Company)
MOG Arquitectos
F. Orizia, A. Babio, D. Asencio

    In 2010 Seville Town Hall launched an architectural competition to design 220 council flats in an area known for its urban decay. Part of the project included conducting a study into the urban design, infrastructure and installations, as well as the construction itself.

Guidelines for proposed planning

· Create a continuous and diverse open space: it will guarantee the permeability of the built areas in order that the green areas act as a        stage for activities and everyday life.
· Propose a construction that adapts to the various urban scales: the project should blend in with the nearby buildings while also offering a new point of reference in the city.
· Encourage the active and continued use of the open spaces by the neighbourhood by creating accessible, sunny and fully equipped green areas.
· Guarantee favourable bioclimatic conditions (sunlight, humidity and wind protection) in order to promote a socially welcoming environment.
· Create an accessible and a permeable space: the project should allow easy access in order to connect with surrounding public spaces and streets.
· Create a porous space: the project should be made up of courtyards to allow natural cross ventilation and to avoid closed spaces.
· Combine residential needs with those of the service sector to activate the urban surroundings.
· Propose communal areas on each landing.
· Put in place environmental optimization protocol throughout the project: controlled management of water, energy, waste and active participation by locals.
· Use sustainable production methods: the project should ensure the use of standardised construction methods that employ prefabricated modules resulting in energy savings throughout the entire process.
· Propose planning parameters to facilitate the project management
· Ensure that the open spaces are not fractured
· Optimise the distribution and height of the construction across the three residential buildings with integrated commercial premises, parking spaces and storage.
· Propose a simple development with effective facilities in which the vegetation and materials chosen enrich the urban space.