Technical Data

MEDIOMUNDOArquitectos Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez

CEIP Carboneras
Carboneras, Almería
3197 m2
Government of Andalucia.
Antonio Alanís, Jesús Villalta, Fabio Orizia.
Elías Pérez Lema 

Equilibrium Exercise

    With austerity of means and resources, the proposal raises rebalance some starting conditions to resolve programmatic and spatial requirements demanded.

General Management >>

    Based on the topography and orientation of the parcel as well as the needs of growth and a balanced budget, the proposal has the following objectives:
a. Autonomy of the different functional units (primary, infant, administration and common uses).
b. Autonomy and quality of outdoor spaces (regarding urbanized spaces, sunlight, functional clarity, protection).
c. Ease and consistency for future growth areas
d. Tours available: Avoid jumps in height between the spaces built within a plant and its outdoor spaces.

Implementation >>.

    Following these objectives raises two separate blocks parallel to the main facade located above the average elevation of the terrain.
The first block contains primary classrooms upstairs and the areas of administration and common uses on ground floor. This block is removed from the street to be located on natural ground elevation build ramps and stairs allowing access from the street and leaving room for the sports into the plot.

    The second block has a single-storey houses the Early Years teaching areas. This block also rests on the natural average elevation of the land and is located equidistant from the longitudinal boundaries of the plot, allowing reserve an area for expansion to the main facade.

Access and Distribution >>

    Given the differences in dimensions to save between sidewalks and the platform on which sits the building, generated three sets of access (ramps, stairs and parking) located in different parts of the facade.

    All these systems lead to the main entrance porch located at the southern end of the block on two floors. The porch leads into a lobby where you distribute the building’s five functional areas: administration, public areas, classrooms of children, primary school classrooms and outdoor space (yards).

    It also provides independent access to the playground and the gym.

    The organization of the building due to the clarity and functional independence of each of the parties. Downstairs a transverse axis associated with access separates into two large areas both indoors and outdoors: the northwest areas and sports, to the southeast area of administration and the playground.

    Two staircases located so equidistant from the center of the main block communicating with the upper floor where are located all primary classrooms. This plant is arranged in double bay with central circulation and concentrated around the elevator and main staircase, all the toilets and special classes or small group.