Technical Data
MEDIOMUNDO Arquitectos. Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.
Exhibition Design
Interior Design. Exhibition and furniture design.
Reina Sofía museum and art center. Madrid
Jose Pedraza, Sergio Rodríguez, Leonardo Muñoz, Álvaro Arrans
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.
Antoni Rueda. Lighting
José A Lubiano. Cost planner
Joaquín Cortés/ Román Lores (Archivo  MNCARS) y MEDIOMUNDO Arquitectos

Marta Pelegrín & MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos  have been Commissioned Final Design & Technical Development of fit-out works, advisors and supplier’s management, as well as onsite construction quality surveillance coordination, for the exhibition on Audio Contemporary Social Art curated by Francisco López Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum: April – September 2020, in in the 3rd floor Sabatini Building Reina Sofia Exhibition galleries.

“The objective of this exhibition is to present to the public interested in contemporary art not only a plethora of unknown audio-artists (many of whom have extensive careers spanning decades), but also – and crucially – contents and experiences for a broad reflection on a monumental social process of artistic change in the field of sound creation.

This exhibition also aims to cover a historical and cultural vacuum in the recognition, exhibition and analysis of a essential part of the changes in the artistic conception of work Creative with sound. This poor representation is largely due to the persistence of classic paradigms – significant but overwhelming – stories as the “pioneers”, the “avant-garde”, the linear-chronological (or monophyletic) and, in the specific case of contemporary art, naturally also the Prevalence of the visual and the objectual. This exhibition will therefore present a critical and constructive reconsideration of these paradigms and their effects in the understanding and practice of creative artistic work with sound.