Technical Data.

MEDIO MUNDO Arquitectos. Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

Jacobo García Germán, Juan Antonio Sánchez and Vincent Morales
Cibeles Culture And Citizenship Center Center. Madrid Ayto Madrid.
Ayto Madrid;  University Carlos III
Ets. Architecture ; U. Autónoma De Madrid.
Juan Carlos University.
2015-12-01 01.03.2016

ARCHITECTURE SET: EVERYDAYLIFE PREPOSITIONS is an exhibition, workshop and lecture program aiming to show the processes with which a selection of contemporary architectural practices are involved in. This program gathers together architecture proposals and works that display pragmatic and experimental approaches and which condense and manifest an intense relationship with the urban, social, political and productive environment in which they materialize.

     As result of a professional attitude based on the importance given to processes, the attention payed to material expression, and the consideration of producing agents, builders and people involved, the displayed works show spatial and material proposals whose processes and techniques mediate between the Zeitgeist (in German, the spirit of an era) and Erfindergeist (in German, their ingenuity).

     These Architectural practices, with their various precedents and different context, are involved in the construction of urban spaces, productive spaces and dwellings; that is, our everyday habitat.
So that, this program sets out in order to show, discuss and develop the links between architectural practice and the social and cultural context in which it is produced.

     With previous editions in Seville (2014) Evora (2015) the traveling exhibition ‘Arquitectura Dispuesta / Preposiciones Cotidianas – Architecture Set / Everyday Prepositions´ (AD/PC) arrives to Madrid (2016), housed at Centro Cibeles , Madrid City Council.