Technical Data

MEDIOMUNDOArquitectos Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

Teaching block for University
7,556 m2
University of Cordoba
Elite Ing. TEDECO Ing.
F. Orizia, A. Alanís, J. R. Guerra, M. Valiente

    In 2010 the University of Cordoba launched an architectural competition to design the new teaching block on the Rabanales campus at the University of Cordoba.

                             “There are places where one must look at the sky to see the passing of time,” (Albert Camus).

    At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we proposed building a compact black that guarantees a minimum surface area of facade for a maximum built volume, that envelopes an atrium.

    On the ground floor an empty space is crossed by two cantilever galleries that provide different perspectives and scales to the inner courtyard on the ground floor. These spaces for coexistence and relating with other users include the main foyer, entrance and seating area that lead to the lecture rooms and the dining area. At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we believe that these communal spaces are important for interrelations and exchange. The atrium is a neutralizing space that guarantees natural ventilation (that takes place automatically at nighttime) and maintains the ideal temperature for the appropriate energetic performance of the building. Lit by a sequence of skylights, this atrium invites visitors to take in the university atmosphere and commotion taking place around them.

    In designing the building we worked to a strict system of geometry and modulation to guarantee a maximum structural economy that enabled the construction of bridges over the atrium while avoiding complex structural solutions.

    The structure of the building is organized into modulated spacial arrangements in such a way as to allow subdivisions or extentions of classrooms using mobile panels.

    The 80-student classrooms are located on top of each other on all three floors as are the computer science classrooms located in the corners of the building and on the top floor, making the most of the layout of the telecommunications installations. The 25-student classrooms are located along the longer side of the atrium while the 10-student classrooms are located on the transversal facades and on the bridges that run over the atrium.