Technical Data

MEDIOMUNDOArquitectos Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez.

Residential complex for elderly people
180 houses + common services
Meruelo, Cantabria, Spain
6,8 HA
Ciudad Residencial Brisa del Cantábrico Sociedad Cooperativa
Claudia Cerrelli, Simona Cojocaru

    Based on the concept of ´identity within diversity`, the proposal is organized as a set of buildings and open spaces that allow for the best optimization of the topography and landscape, as well as the control of building scale, in order to deliver a sense of proximity and identity to the residents.

    The group of buildings for communal use is set in the central part of the plot, to achieve, as much as possible, an equal travel distance to/from the living units. Organized around a central square, which acts as an agora – the main meeting point, all communal buildings are connected through a series of covered walkways.

    The living units are distributed in 4 distinct districts, composed of groups of 4-6 houses, alternated with open spaces. We propose a modular pattern with shared services which can be adapted internally for various configurations, depending on the needs of the residents. All units have direct access externally, through individual porches and gardens. Two approaches to the houses‘ roof enclosures allow for an overall unity, without losing individuality.

    In order to achieve full accessibility for all units, each group of houses is set within similar terrain slope and the connection to the communal areas is achieved through flat covered walkaways or a system of fully accessible ramps.

    The organization and distribution of the buildings avoids large built areas, generating a scale that matches the small neighboring town. The diversity of green and open spaces, such as planted gardens, allotments, outdoor activity areas or informal green spaces encourages a variety of activities, sedentary or active.

    The proposal embodies both an architecture and infrastructure which can incorporate various circumstances of the inhabitants.